Monday, March 15, 2010

"The Sage of Synchronicity" weirdness

A lot of weirdness, contradictions, and plain lack of clarity and focus…

“Sometimes these projections can come in the form of intense psychic

attacks. In my case, I was repeatedly sexually attacked as an

infant by an elderly female relative. She had experienced much sexual

abuse herself, and the idea of a male baby growing up to be an empowered man was abhorrent to her psyche. She also had unmet

sexual needs, which she projected onto me. But the universe wasn’t

content to see me psychically abused by just one puny human. Seven

generations ago on my father’s side of the family, an ancestor of mine

contracted a sexual disease.

The intense shame of this got transferred onto his children, right

down the line to my generation of the family. Though the gonorrhea

has long gone, the shaming energy persists. To this day I have to

maintain vigilant work on this energy, as my father’s spirit still projects

the shame of it at me and other family members.

This is an unconscious way to control the energy of the family consciousness field. I have repeatedly passed on the message to

the old bastard that he is dead, and that he should start acting that

way. Unfortunately, listening was never his strong point. It is not only

consciousness that transcends the death of the body. Unconsciousness goes with you as well.”



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