Monday, March 15, 2010

"The Sage of Synchronicity" top points

“The fact is that it’s very difficult to rise above the dominant beliefs

and attitudes of your culture. You really need to see things from a distance. You need to see the big picture. You are part of the evolution of the consciousness of the human race, and of the universe. You must

appreciate that this is a unique moment in history, and the present is

just one of many possible futures that could have unfolded from the


“The growing child’s mind, including its sense of self, is plastic: it will tend to take on whatever messages are given to it by the outside world. It doesn’t know any better. For the child, acceptance and approval are ultimately a life and death issue, because it is helpless and completely dependent upon its parents for support. Rejection by the parents may mean abandonment, and death.

This is how we become conditioned into seeking approval from others.

Ironically, it is those who fail to get approval as children who tend

to have the greatest need in adulthood to give their power away to

others by seeking their approval. It is the fear of rejection and abandonment which lies at the heart of this disempowering process.”


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